New Mexico Association of Emergency Management Professionals

2023 Award Recipients


Adam Berry

McKinley County Office of Emergency Management

     Adam Berry has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership as the Emergency Manager for McKinley County. Facing the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic head-on, he managed the county's response as the sole emergency management resource, showcasing not only his resilience but also his profound dedication to his community. Adam's commitment extends through his adept administration of key grant programs such as SHSGP and EMPG, ensuring the continuation of critical emergency operations.

     In times of crisis, such as the Interstate 40 Bus Disaster and the Gallup Parade incident, Adam's ability to effectively manage complex emergency situations has been proven time and again. His active role in the Preparedness Area 4 collaboration and his voluntary contributions to the Emergency Management Association highlight his dedication to not just McKinley County, but the entire region. His efforts have significantly advanced the capabilities and effectiveness of emergency response and recovery operations in New Mexico.

2023 Advancement & Promotion of Emergency Management Award

Stephen Lopez

Dona Ana County Office of Emergency Management

Stephen Lopez, serving as an Emergency Manager for Dona Ana County, has distinguished himself by guiding his team through the pandemic, enhancing interoperability among local response agencies, and contributing significantly to the professional education within the field. His vision and collaborative approach have not only resolved long-standing challenges but also positioned the agency for future success.


Elise MacGillivray

Sandoval County Fire Rescue's Office of Emergency Management

Since January 2023, Elise MacGillivray has proven herself to be an invaluable asset to the Sandoval County Fire Rescue’s Office of Emergency Management. Her rapid acquisition of knowledge and skills in emergency management, grant management, and response to the Jemez Flooding disaster demonstrates an exceptional level of commitment and capability, particularly during transitional periods within the department.


Victoria Romero

New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Victoria Romero's tenure at DHSEM has been characterized by her supportive role and her commitment to excellence in grant management. Her involvement in seminars, tabletops, and full-scale exercises, combined with her excellent communication and follow-through, has earned her the appreciation and respect of her colleagues.

2023 Award Categories

Emergency Manager of the Year

The Emergency Manager of the Year award aims to honor the remarkable achievements and outstanding contributions of a visionary leader who has made a significant impact on their organization and community. The nominated Emergency Manager must be the head of their respective department, agency, or jurisdiction, which can include government, healthcare, private industry, or tribal communities. The Emergency Manager of the Year must hold a NMCEM and/or CEM, and be a paid member of NMAEMP. 

Advancement & Promotion of Emergency Management

The Advancement & Promotion of Emergency Management award recognizes visionary leaders and contributors in the field of emergency management who have driven progress and innovation, either within OEM/OES or through invaluable support from outside the field. These individuals demonstrate exceptional dedication and efforts that significantly advance and promote emergency management programs, making a lasting impact on their organization and the broader community. The nominee must be a paid member of NMAMEP.

Emergency Management Support Staff Member

The Emergency Management Support Staff Member award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and accomplishments as support staff in the field of Emergency Management. Eligible nominees must have developed an Emergency Management project or taken a task to a higher level, contributing significantly to their jurisdiction or Preparedness Area. Their efforts, whether in Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) or mitigation initiatives, have greatly enhanced preparedness and resilience. We invite nominations for these outstanding support staff members whose innovative contributions play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of their community during emergencies. The nominee must be a paid member of NMAMEP. 

Special Recognition Award

The Special Recognition award acknowledges individuals or organizations that have made a significant impact on the field of emergency management in New Mexico. Open to both members and non-members of the association, this prestigious accolade celebrates exceptional contributions that have positively influenced Emergency Management in the state. Nominations are invited for those who, through innovative projects, outstanding initiatives, or extraordinary support, have left a lasting and commendable imprint on the field. 

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